One of the questions I most frequently get asked, as I visit schools across Hertfordshire and beyond, is, "Have you got a list of apps we should install?"

My first response to that is to be careful with lists of apps. There's a temptation to collect apps and a few well chosen ones, used effectively, will be far more useful than a disorganised array of hundreds. Nevertheless, you'll find a wide range of suggestions via this site, so please don't be tempted to get them all. See my page on choosing to get some advice about what to look for when considering apps for your school iPads.

Remember free apps may be ad supported, and many apps have direct links to social networks and public online galleries. Always assess the suitability of an app before using it with children.

I keep all my app lists on Pinterest, and apps are added to the boards regularly so do please come back from time to time. I hope you find them useful. Comments, opinions etc. are my own, and apps listed are not formal recommendations or endorsements, just some suggestions. I am not responsible for the content of external sites.

Thanks for dropping by.

Chris Carter

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